Life After Goremaxx Aaron, Arlette, Harvey! Where is Charles? The Sorry One & Tiny Little Life Patriot X Live From 14th Street Do You Know What Part Of The Country You’re From? The Lost Archive Of Civil War-era Military Recruiting Advertisements The Bridge {refrain} Every Permutation Of Four Guitar Chords, Performed Live And Uninterrupted: Would Sol LeWitt Approve? 14 Actions For 14th Street After Sherman’s March A Heart Divided ATM Xmas Party Wanted! Harvey Loves Harvey Presents UNWOUND Live September 11, 2001 Recorded Live May 12, 2007 An Interactive Exploration Of The Response To The Random Increase Or Decrease Of Finances: Money Ain’t Nuthin’! Passion! A Photographic Study of the Artistic Interpretation of Philosophical Statements by Popular Artists: What Is Meaning? An Interactive Study Of Dining Activities Without Consequence: Eat Or Be Eaten? An Interactive Study Of Human Response To Mediated Actions Without Consequence: Naughty Or Nice? Your Harvey At Work Proof A Multi-Planar Study Of Involuntary Response To The Lateral Impact Of Domestic Objects: Is It Funny? A Small Act Of Proof Bang Head Here Rear Defrost
GOREMAXX-POSTER A center-piece of the exhibition are 3 photographs showing the artists re-creating the original photo that Siskind took of Egan. In one photo, Harvey (Matt) photographs Harvey (Jason) in the roles of Siskind and Egan. In another photo, the roles are reversed. In the final (center) image, they both photograph Kayafas as she plays the role of Charles. sorry-one At the border crossing on The Rainbow Bridge 14St_pix6 The Typhoon Continues and So Do You  Flux Factory  April 2011 THE-BRIDGE_el-co An Exchange With Sol LeWitt  Mass MoCA  Spring 2011 On Strike! asm The 48 Hour Film Project  Kendall Cinema, Cambridge MAApril 2008 atmxmas Wanted!Conflux FestivalSeptember 2007 IMG_4777 Option-Control-EscapeGASPOctober - December 2006 Card-Front "Serial systems and their permutations function as a narrative that has to be understood. People still see things as visual objects without understanding what they are. They don't understand that the visual part may be boring but it's the narrative that's interesting." 
- Sol LeWitt eat-or-be-eaten HLHCP19-cardImg Yhaw proof Matt-Grid-sm small-proof band_head_lg rear-defrost

Harvey Loves Harvey

Harvey Loves Harvey is a collaboration between artists Jason Dean and Matthew Nash. Although we began collaborating in 1992, we have rarely lived in the same city.

Our work takes many forms, but is based in the complications of communication, friendship, and the difficulty of two people acting as one artist.

We embrace failure, probably more than we should.


For much of our work, we adopt the different roles that an artist must play. Sometimes an artist must expore and experiment, and so we are scientists. An artist must promote and sell their work, so we often play the salesmen. Once the ideas are formed and the pitch made, the work needs to be completed. So we are laborers. Of course, we also take positions and fight for our ideas. So sometimes we disagree.

The projects on this website represent the diverse ways in which we have confronted the world, technology, and each other over the years. We create work that is meant to be challenging, but also intended to make you laugh.


Jason Dean lives in Brooklyn. He has worked on a number of film and television productions, including Duplicity, Rescue Me, Rubicon, and many others. He is also the author of the music blog 7inches.

Matthew Nash lives in Boston, where he is Associate Professor at the Lesley University College of Art and Design. Nash is also the Publisher Emeritus of the online art journal Big RED & Shiny and director of the award-winning documentary "16 Photographs at Ohrdruf."