An Exchange With Sol LeWitt

Mass MoCA & Cabinet Gallery
January 20 – March 31, 2011 
Cabinet Reception: January 20 
Mass MoCA Reception: January 22

lewitt_vinyl_lgFor “An Exchange With Sol LeWitt,” Harvey Loves Harvey created the piece Every Permutation Of Four Guitar Chords, Performed Live & Uninterrupted: Would Sol LeWitt Approve?This video piece was part of a two-part exhibition co-presented by MASS MoCA and Cabinet Magazine, curated by Regine Basha, who asked the question:

This is a call to those who share an affinity with Sol LeWitt’s legacy as a conceptual artist, to those who knew him and those who did not — to anyone who has ever wondered, “What would Sol LeWitt like?”

Harvey Loves Harvey arrived at a Lewitt-like system to create a post-rock song in the style of UnwoundJune of ’44, or Slint using 4 distorted guitar chords, which would then be played in every possible combination from beginning to end, uninterrupted. The song can be recreated with any 4 chords, as long as every sequence of the 4 chords is duplicated.