The Typhoon Continues And So Do You

Flux Factory
April 1 – May 8, 2011 
Reception: April 1

For this exhibition, HLH created 6 new videos titled “Do You Know What Part of the Country You’re From? The Lost Archive of Civil War-era Military Recruiting Advertisements”

recruit_poster_lgFlux Factory is pleased to announce The Typhoon Continues and So Do You, an exhibition of new works through which artists contemplate four “artifacts” of war and how their original purposes are transformed through integration into larger society.

Armed conflict leads to unique forms of expression that pervade contemporary culture in myriad ways both visible and invisible, tangible and abstract. Deciding on objects and images that were originally intended for use by various institutions or political movements and that later experienced a re-appropriation by larger society, we considered how they came to occupy a different meaning in daily life. They include: (1) Transcript of the Milosevic war crimes trial at The Hague, (2) Balaclava face mask, adopted as a symbol of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, (3) US Army recruitment video game, and (4)North Korean Hell March video and the ensuing discussion posted on YouTube.

Responses include a video featuring a repentant Milosevic, an eerily playful floor installation that will illustrate armed conflict around the world, and competing recruitment videos in the style of Civil War reenactments. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full program of related events and a reader with commissioned texts that also respond to the “artifacts” of war. Reader contributions by Rodney Dickson, Carin Kuoni, Gregory Moynahan, and several others, including works by Oliver Ressler and Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor.

Participating artists include Hector Canonge, Joseph DeLappe, Pablo Helguera, Yael Kanarek, Matthew Sleeth, and many others.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a scheduled list of events featuring work by Nadia Awad, Anya E.V. Liftig, Oliver Ressler, and Jayce Salloum, and others.

Curated by Elizabeth Larison, Douglas Paulson, Chen Tamir, Ginger Shulick, and Christina Vassallo.