The Work Office

October, 2010

TWO_lgFor the DUMBO Arts Festival, HLH was proud to be included in The Work Office, a project by Katarina Jerinic and Naomi Miller.

The Work Office (TWO) is a multidisciplinary art project disguised as an employment agency. Informed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the Great Depression in the 1930s, TWO is a gesture to “make work” for visual and performing artists, writers, and others by giving them simple, idea-based assignments to explore, document, or improve daily life in New York. From a temporary central office, TWO’s administrators interview, register, and hire employees; assign, collect, and exhibit work; and distribute Depression-era wages to employees during weekly Payday Parties.

For The Work Office, HLH staged our intervention The Bridge {Refrain} on the Williamsburg Bridge.