A Heart Divided

The 48 Hour Film Project  Kendall Cinema, Cambridge MAApril 2008

For The 48 Hour Film Project Harvey Loves Harvey worked with a great team of artists and filmmakers to produce “A Heart Divided” — a Civil War bromance.

Over the course of 2 days, HLH wrote and starred in the piece, which was directed by Jeffu Warmouth and Paul Concemi; produced by James Manning, edited by Charlie Roberts, shot by Adoniram Sides, and featuring music byBrendon Wood. The final piece is about seven minutes and quite hysterical!

For those of you unfamiliar with the rules of the 48 Hour Film Project, each team (90 this year in Boston!) is randomly given a genre (we drew “Romance”) and all teams are given a prop, line of dialogue and a character that must appear in the final film. This year the prop was a receipt, the character was Reginald H. Higgenbotham, a diplomat, and the line was “This could get complicated.”

Check out these fabulous behind-the-scenes shots by Jim Manning and Rob Coshow!

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