Book Club

Harvey Loves Harvey is teaming up with the great Lee Walton to solve a mystery. It will take all three men, because this one is tricky.

Having procured a copy of Louis Bromfield’s The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg, this mystery was cut into thirds and distributed among the artists. Each artist read their section, and then convened to solve the mystery.

Filmed in the luxurious library at the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in NYC, the artists engaged in a round-table discussion to combine their versions of the story into one final, resolved conclusion. No notes were used, and the book thirds were kept closed for the duration of the conversation. The final video footage holds the only version of The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg that the Harveys and Lee will ever know.

What was the conclusion? What is the strange case and how does it end? Only the video documentation can tell.

The final presentation of this work occurred in July of 2006. Viewers entered a library, with three shelves holding thirds of mystery novels, and three video screens featuring Jason, Matt and Lee as they discuss their solution of the strange case.

Below are images of the project installed at Suffolk University.

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