Could Harvey Be Harvey?


Freud talked about the “uncanny”, where certain things would resonate primally as unexplainably disturbing: twins, feelings of deja vu. In ‘COULD HARVEY BE HARVEY’, we were trying to create a moment of uncanny for the viewer. At first glance everything appears normal but there is something not quite right.

We repeated a conversation about literally nothing over and over, the weather, personal anecdotes. The videos were then studied for physicality and delivery. The audio from the conversations were then played back, and each participant attempted to recreate the conversations.

The video rewards the viewer who takes a little time to watch and realize a missed line or hesitancy of a phrase or gesture, and that we are in fact acting like the other participant.

We were also playing with the idea that our individuality is in a sense, interchangeable, we are one entity that at any moment can step in and take on the other’s role. We can literally speak for each other, and the audience shouldn’t be aware of one person having a greater influence in any given work.

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