Every Permutation Of Four Guitar Chords, Performed Live And Uninterrupted: Would Sol LeWitt Approve?


The recording of Would Sol LeWitt Approve? was pressed to 7″ vinyl. The b-side is a recording of HLH reading LeWitt’s “Sentences On Conceptual Art” over dissonant music, titled Sol LeWitt Approves.
The illustration on the album cover was created by the amazing Liz Prince.

This video piece was part of a two-part exhibition co-presented by MASS MoCA and Cabinet Magazine, curated by Regine Basha, who asked the question:

This is a call to those who share an affinity with Sol LeWitt’s legacy as a conceptual artist, to those who knew him and those who did not — to anyone who has ever wondered, “What would Sol LeWitt like?”

Harvey Loves Harvey arrived at a Lewitt-like system to create a post-rock song in the style of UnwoundJune of ’44, or Slint using 4 distorted guitar chords, which would then be played in every possible combination from beginning to end, uninterrupted. The song can be recreated with any 4 chords, as long as every sequence of the 4 chords is duplicated.

For the opening reception of our exhibition What Are We Doing? HLH worked with the band Soccer Mom to create a variation on this piece called Rules For The Performance Of Guitar Chords: Would Harvey Loves Harvey Approve?

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