The Sorry One & Tiny Little Life

IMG_20120808_145126In August of 2012, Harvey Loves Harvey escaped to a cabin in the woods of Vermont for a week. Our collaboration spans two cities and states, so we rarely qualify for artist residencies. So we made our own.

The cabin was solar-powered, with no phone reception and far from any town. It was the perfect setting for quiet contemplation, relaxation and thinking about the future. Of course, we did none of that… we made noise instead!

These two videos are the result of that time. The music we recorded and the footage we shot came together into these two glimpses into our time off the grid. We turned the cabin into a recording space, with mics and amps everywhere. Jason tinkered with ideas while Matt recorded them. We wouldn’t be HLH without cameras everywhere too!

So enjoy these two videos from our artist residency off the grid.

Harvey Loves Harvey – Tiny Little Life from Matthew Nash on Vimeo.

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