Wanted!Conflux FestivalSeptember 2007

What does it mean to hang a “wanted” poster on a lamp-post? What can be communicated by a Xeroxed flier with tear-off tags bearing a phone number? In our hyper-paranoid world, how much attention are people actually paying to the world around them? If you see something, will you say something?

For “WANTED!” the members of Harvey Loves Harvey engaged the public in pursuit of each other. At dawn the artists separated in the region around McCarren Park in Brooklyn, dressed in distinctive jumpsuits, and began hanging posters asking for help. Matt hung posters saying “Wanted! I’m Looking For Jason!” and Jason hung posters saying “Wanted! I’m Looking For Matt!” Each poster gave the cell phone number of the artist. For each call received, the artists walked to the site mentioned by the caller in the hopes of finding the other Harvey. (If the Harveys saw each other without the help of a caller, they ignored each other.)

While waiting for calls, the Harveys also undertook the task of finding each other through diverse and questionable means.

This video documents a days spent in McCarren Park as the Harveys search for each other, and the public offers its help and guidance.

This piece was created as part of the Conflux Festival.

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